8 Reasons to Host a Party on a Boat

A party on a boat near Clearwater

Last year, over 310,000 powerboats were sold in the United States. This makes recreational boating the highest it’s been since before 2008. 

Thousands of people use these boats to party during the heat of summer and try their best to keep cool. 

A boating party is a great way to bond with friends and celebrate in a unique and extraordinary way. 

If you’re wanting to host a party on a boat, keep reading for some awesome reasons why you should! 

1. Unique

When you throw a party, you want it to be memorable and unique for all of those attending. In my opinion, a party boat is a great location for your next event. This is different than the average party venue, and can provide hours of entertainment. 

You may be concerned if you don’t own a boat, but don’t worry, because there’s always the option to rent a boat. Many companies, like ours, offer a party boat service for these specific occasions.

Your guests will love the change of party scene and enjoy every moment, all while remembering you as the best party host! 

2. Sunset Views

After a long day of partying, there’s nothing better than enjoying the sunset on the water. This offers an amazing view for everyone to take in while enjoying their day. Consult with your captain about wanting an amazing sunset view and chances are, they know the best spot to enjoy it at.

This is a great opportunity to wrap up your party and wind down. Let your guests know that this is the last part of the party so that they can begin getting ready for their trip home. 

3. Battle Summer Heat

There’s nothing worse than attending a party in the summer when the heat is too hot to handle. You’ll constantly be sweating and trying to find shade to ensure you don’t melt. This usually makes guests want to leave much sooner to find air conditioning to enjoy. 

Partying on a boat provides the best solution for the harsh summer heat. If you ever get too hot, jump in the water to cool off. Your guests will thank you for not overheating and getting to enjoy the cool water. 

Always make sure those aboard are properly equipped with life vests when in the water for safety reasons. 

4. Water Sports

The biggest aspect of a great party is entertaining your guests. You don’t want people being bored out of their minds and just sitting around. They will want things to participate in to ensure they have a great time. 

The best part of boating is the water sports you can enjoy. Depending on the type of boat you’ll be using, you can ski, wake surf, wakeboard, or kneeboard. For those that aren’t as coordinated, you can be towed while sitting on a tube. 

These unique party activities will provide endless fun for your guests and keep everyone entertained. 

5. Relaxation

With all of the fun and excitement, you’ll want to have time for relaxation on your boat. This can be at any time of the party, and is great for those who want a low-key day. 

Relaxation is maximized when cruising on the water in your party boat. You can enjoy the wind in your hair and the splashes of cool water. Enjoy a drink and converse among your friends and family for some downtime. 

Another great relaxation option is to go for a swim with your guests. Grab a floaty and relax in the water. 

6. Party Loud

Most venues come with strict noise policies and only allow for a certain level of noise. This can be a downer for your guests when the party gets lively, making them upset. 

Partying on a boat has no noise limitations since you’ll be in the middle of the water. This allows you to have a high-energy party that will never get boring. You and your guests can play loud music, yell, and party as much as you want since you’re on a boat. 

7. Customizable

A boating party is already very unique, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it however you’d like. You can still have a theme, decorations, and almost anything your heart desires. 

A great way to go about customization is to speak with your captain to see what all is possible. They can help plan and put together your party’s needs. In no time, you’ll have a specialized party for everyone to enjoy. 

Customizations can include food, drinks, decorations, and special requests. 

8. Special Events

Any party is a special event, but there are some extra special occasions that you rarely get to celebrate. These occasions can be for bachelor or bachelorette, engagements, milestone birthdays, etc. 

This gives you all the reason to throw a huge party to celebrate with your friends and family. A unique party will go down in the books as a memorable commemoration. Your special event will take a higher level with this exclusive venue. 

All Aboard! Host a Party on a Boat for Your Next Event! 

All of these reasons to host a party on a boat will help make it an occasion to remember! You’ll be the best party host the summer has ever seen. 

Remember that safety is the number one priority, party responsibly, and have a great time. 

Book with us today to have the best boating party of the summer! We will take care of all your party needs here at Clearwater Party Boats! 

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